Friday, October 21

30 weeks in....

Coming soon!!
OMG, i am just freaking out...

My mind is just counting down the 10 weeks like crazy, and suddenly our doctor tells us the baby might come 2 weeks earlier than expected...

That means i might only have 8 WEEKS before i meet my little man! OMGEEEEEEE!!!

There is still so much to do, the 'nursery' is pretty much still a storeroom, the house isn't baby proofed, the hospital bag isn't packed (to be fair, apparently i only need this on the 35th week onwards), worst thing is, we haven't even had our baby shower yet and i'm stressing out if we are even gonna have time to throw one.. especially since Muuzi wants to organize it without me and he's not giving me any details on the planning.

I will kill him (or least, not talk to him for a long time), if i have the baby before he gets to throw the baby shower. -_-

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