Wednesday, September 7

Home improvements..

Since i'm readily unemployed and have nothing much to do daily.. i stare at walls and plot on how they would look like if i had my way. Yesterday i spent the day mindlessly browsing thru IKEA picking out things i would get in my head, should i be able to afford it or easier said, should Muuzi allow me to buy it with his money :D...

Our new house is starting to shape up... just that we don't have a sofa yet, so its very japanese when people come over and sit on the floor. My Fave area of the house so far is my reading nook in the corner of the living room.
The carpet is super lush and so comfy to nuzzle in this corner to read or watch TV from a distance.
Currently, as you can see, im reading is What To Expect: When you're expecting... This book is super informative and is my go-to guide if i ever have doubts (i also have the iPod app.. which is SUPERB and highly recommended by me to anyone who's expecting)

Anyway, other than the obvious need for a new sofa, we also need a wardrobe unit for our room, cuz as of now, our clothes are on a tiny bookshelf, while the rest of our stuff is still in several suitcases. 

Problem is, me and Muuzi can't seem to agree on what type to get, and the ones we do agree on would probably cost us an arm and a leg.

Plus our room is really tiny and won't be able to fit in a giant wardrobe unit like this, sigh... maybe someday. ^_^

Alright enuff jabbering for one day... Alia's on her way here and we're going out for dinner! Hurrah. I'll update more on the house as/when it progresses. Ciao!

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