Thursday, September 8

24 weeks later

Tho it may sound like a horror zombie flick, it's now been 24 weeks since i became pregnant. Gosh time flies.

I've been told that my tummy doesn't look as big as it should be at this point, but i contribute that to slimming clothes because honestly it's pretty big to me. At this point i'm feeling the regular kicks and other people have felt it too, mostly Muuzi and Alia.

In two weeks i'll be reaching my 7th month mark.. and if all goes well, on the 1st-3rd October, i'll be in Medan with my girls for a mak datin holiday (mostly shopping and spas) .. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! :D I've promised myself that after Medan i'm going to fully dedicate myself to resting & nesting to get ready for the baby's arrival.

Still so many decisions to be made... like baby shower details, where to deliver, where to stay after delivery (during pantang).. urgh. Time seems to be moving at lightning speed and i'm just holding on for dear life!


Mr. Karate said...

Oh my god, so you're already pregnant? :)

Ayeshadam said...

Rashiiiiidd!!! where have u been! :D yup im preggo's... isn't it weird!!!

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