Monday, February 7

snore. snap. sigh.

Hello world!

Im back at work today after a week of CNY holidays... I don't even know why we came back today. No one really feels like working today (clients also never called today.. im assuming they also holidaying still). Since the lack of work was so bad the team spent the day playing poker and had a mini CNY pizza party.

My week long holiday was pretty uneventful... spent most of it at home alone playing plants vs zombies on the mac, while Muuzi went to meetings/jamming/meetings and my ONE best friend spent time with her boyfriend. I'm sad and pathetic, i know.

Then on Thursday, me and Alia went to melawati to help with some last minute preparations for the wedding.

OMG, i realize actually never announce it here.. my not-so-baby sister Alia and my fellow VR nerd Ezani got married last friday after a 4 year+ romance. Congrats guys!

The wedding was tiring, i was maid of honor... it's was fun tho. Since most of Ezani's friends are also my friends, it became sort of a reunion thing. :)

Check out this adorable picture of lovely La Familia!, ignore the pak aji next to me. :P

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