Wednesday, January 19

Diet Day - 16

Muuzi and me are 16 days into our diet... and so far things look good.

We've both loss around 3-4 kgs each.. and are making great progress. We are just taking the diet slowly, and not really forcing ourselves on being too strict with what we eat, but we are still losing weight gradually so thats good.. :)

Alia, being the over achiever that she is loss a whopping 6.7kgs (you can read about that in her journey blog)

The family has really got the hang of this eating healthy lifestyle. Best thing about it is that i have started cooking more... and i wasn't really sure i could cook anything other than pasta/maggi. :P

But on monday i made chicken cordon bleu all by myself!! I was so proud, and honestly it tasted pretty decent considering it was low fat cheese. hehe.

Not mine, but this is what it's suppose to look like.
Just because you are on a diet, doesn't mean you gotta eat disgusting food. Find out the recipe here!

Next i'm planning to make chicken stuffed with mushrooms and some cheese. YUM!!!

Ps: Tonight me and Muuzi are going for LMFAO!!! So exciting! The Party Kids vs. The Party Rock Crew!!! haha

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