Monday, March 14

Hello world..

To my tragically ignored blog,

It's not that i don't love you anymore, it's just that, .... well i don't really have a reason really. Talking about myself, and stuff that happens to me doesn't give me the same thrill that it used to.

Firstly, it's probably because my husband is sorta 'well known', so i can't really openly share our lives because, it might end up (touch wood) on some obscure gossip rag such as OhBulan or (godforbid) Mangga!.. and excluding him from my post about my life, is kinda like censoring 75% of my life already.

Secondly, the remaining 25% of my life without Muuzi is just freaking boring. Late nights and weekends at the office, my driving classes on the weekend when im NOT working, and occasionally lepaking with my now one bestfriend, who's usually busy doing her own thing anyway.

Even Alia and Mama are too busy to hangout with me, frankly i've seen Alia ONCE, since she moved out after the wedding. Mama pulak, just started her own business with her friend Devi (from Devi's corner bangsar) and is now selling her famous roast chicken from 6pm onwards. So with me working from morning to night and her working from evening til midnight. I rarely see her either. I haven't had time to go to see tok in Melawati either, which i REALLY should do. :( haih...

I wish there was more days in a week and more hours in a day,
I wish i were rich, and didn't need to work,
i wish i could freaking DRIVE!
I wish i had a car...
I wish i had a proper topic to talk about in this blog post rather the same old excuses post about time management. Duh.

ps: Cherish your loved ones, cuz you never know when a giant wave will take them all away.

i wish for world peace.

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