Thursday, January 13

i [heart] kitty cats!

im taking a break from talking about diets, and my life to talk about how adorable these kitties are!!!!

I absolutely adore cats, but Alia and Muuzi wont let me have one, sbb 'busuk'. Boo! But then again Alia's moving out soon, and maybe then i can have my cat. Yaaaay!!!

Harituh ada office cat tippy. Tp dia dah kene curi with one of my co-workers. Now Tippy is forced to be a stay-at-home cat. Boo!

I would LOVE to own a purebred cat. Not that i find street cats anyless cuter. I just LOVE the uniqueness of these purebreds.

Here are a few of my FAVE breeds (for reference when u wanna get me one.)...

My utmost FAVOURITE breed of all time, The Toyger is a SUPER rare breed, highly intelligent and social, their markings are a strong black and orange gold stripes like a tiger!

There's even a gorgeous blue-silver colour which is incredible.

Scottish Folds
The Doraemon of cats, seemingly earless, this kitties are beyond adorable with their kittens, and grow up to be pretty funny looking cats. But still SO CUTE!

I LOVE Bengals!!! My fave big cat has always been the cheetah. I even have a name planned out already, Cheetara!!

Marble Bengals
I absolutely ADORE the markings on these cats, it might look a little messy, but it's soo unique! LOVE it!

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