Wednesday, December 1

Pamper me silly.

Ayesha Adam:
OH NOOOOOOO!!!!! @ 4:34


Alia Adam:
seriously?? @ 4:34
mannn.. i punya pun dah rosak jugak 4:34
hahahha 4:35
we are so not manipedi kind of people 4:35

Ayesha Adam:
tu la @ 4:38
ganas much 4:38
i can't believe i used those words 4:38
im such a bimbo and lala now 4:38

Haha, me and alia had our nails done @kukubar bangsar in time for our trip to OZ. Unfortunately we are not dainty people, so the nail polish prolly wont last till we actually get to OZ. tsk.

Well at least we got a bargain on it. :D

I've been stalking bargain sites like, and for awesome bargains!

So far we've (me & alia) had our hair done @Hairkunst, nails @kukubar, giant burgers for dinner @cravings kitchen (to be talked about soon), and a spa session @bella luna spa. :D

all for under RM100. Yes, when i'm cheap, i OPTIMIZE cheapness!

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