Tuesday, November 30

The Disaster that was Peter Pan.

Childhood dreams were SHATTERED by this piece of shit musical.

Thanks Sunway Lagoon for ruining two of my fave things (being the magical story of peter pan & all things musicals) in one night.

More on this later...


Alia said...

Yes, and if you were wondering, I marked it as worst post ever.

First of all, let bygones be bygones please. Secondly if you're insulting something please elaborate on the day itself and not say "to be continued". That's just *ehem* WEAK.


Ayeshadam said...

kecoh siot. :P

you were there.. so u know how bad it was.

plus i was busy writing then something came up. so the blog had to wait. boo! go update ur own blog madam kecohness.

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