Monday, November 22

Weak Ends.

Happy Monday people…

So many things have happened since the last update, I finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Thursday with Muuzi, and the boys, then again on Saturday night with Mama and Alia. ☺

Can’t wait for part 2!!! But then again, that would mean the END of Harry Potter…. Forever! ☹ I’m so not prepared to let go yet. Boo.

I was supposed to go to Peter Pan Behind the scenes on Saturday but in the end couldn’t make it in time because of the horrible jam on Klang Lama… sigh. At least I get to watch the grand premiere this Friday with Alia. :D can’t wait.

I had some much needed pamper me time at HairKunst the curve and meself a haircut. Now im all shiny and new. Ngeeee.

Funny story about the haircut, Muuzi originally wanted to go to Peek-a-boo because of all the hot amoi ‘hairstylist’ but I insisted on using my Hairkunst voucher that I got from (which is now my current fave website btw).. anyway, we got to Hairkunst and to my joy (and Muuzi’s dismay) all the hairstylist were dudes, there was only one girl… but she turned out to be a dude as well… haha.

So I sat there in my saloon chair giggling as a watched Muuzi pretend he was not enjoying being shampoo’d and massaged by a man. Twas funny.

Anyhow, I thought his haircut looked pretty good, but he doesn’t like it that much, he still wants his peek-a-boo lady. I however love my new haircut. It a bit shorter than im used to lately, but it’s a so sleek and shiny. I love it!

Will upload pics of the new do' soon.

Ps: next week me & alia, are gonna redeem our Kukubar vouchers and get manipedi’s in time for Aussie trip ^_^ it’s gonna be EPIC!! I wanna get some crazy colored nails! Weeeeee!

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