Sunday, October 10

Weddings Weddings Weddings.

Firstly, another excuse for not blogging lately.

I've been super busy.

I started my new job, at a new advertising agency. Where being the only female designer has it's perks Example: most of our clients are beauty products so we get free samples and such (more on that soon)

Anyway, the new jobs been great, but can no longer sneak around on facebook and blog during office hours. Boo!

You win some you loose some.

After a long first week at the new job, i was finally ready for some serious weekend chilling.

Unfortunately the usual stigma chores, laundry, gigs and wedding invitations had already pre booked my weekend. Boo!

On saturday, me and muuzi had to wake up super early to go to his cousins wedding in kinrara. The wedding was nice, no complaints, the food was awesome.

One very important thing i've learnt about marriage is, it's crucial to get to know your husbands family members. I like to think i've been doing a stellar job of winning their affection. :P

The only thing that bothers me is that the kids keep calling me Mak Long (urrrgghhh!!). Apparently, it's my fault for marrying Pak Long. Damnit.

Mak Long and Naufal.

Mak Long *cringe* and Pak Long

Pak Ngah and Mak Ngah (Taq and Dona)

Mak Long memberi restu. *cough cough*

Pak Su, Pak Ngah, Muuzi's Cousin (Unsure of his hierarchy) and of course Pak Long

Another thing I've discovered during this wedding is that Muuzi @ Pak Long, is extremely Popular with kids. Being a big kid himself, i wasn't surprised. :P

After the wedding, we had to go to muuzi's soundcheck for Nike's 10k RUN held on sunday.

The set up was kinda cool, the bands were to perform on the back of a flatbed truck. It would have been considerably more awesome if the truck actually moved, but after a sudden idea that muuzi would fall off the truck and get run over, made me think twice. -_-

Anyway more on that later.

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