Thursday, September 30

Last day in Softcell.

 It's my last day in Softcell today... when i started working there, i knew i wouldn't last vert long. Being that it had 3 dogs which i was terrified of.

I used to have Elly escort me in and out of the office... and would be in fear of going to work.

But soon, i got used to the dogs (dogs are really very silly creatures) and the psychotic cats... and grew to love it there. The atmosphere was awesome, i made many friends.. and given the opportunity i would definitely go back after i've learnt all i need to learn somewhere else first.

I took a lot of pictures on my last day... but some people were out of the office, so it'll be unfair to upload just half the pics. So i'll upload these instead. :D

Meet the softcell pets.

Miyuki, the emo cat that like to sleep on my desk while i work. I'll probably miss her the most.

Shanks, The Tyco cat. Even the dogs are afraid of him. He once scratched Muuzi. huhu.

Collie!!! Is actually the neighbours dog. But he likes to hang around our office. He's the nicest dog i've ever met, and probably the reason im no longer afraid of dogs. :) Thx Collie!

Not around for photo sessions were cats: Muccus, Kiki, Boo, Lampada. dogs: Princess, Hazel, Snooks, Hatchi, and Chip.

Owh and the people: Keith, Aiai, Ravi, Billy, Bulma, Barry, Lydia and Anu.

Will miss you all a lot. :) Hope to see you guys soon.


Alia said...

Omg collie is sooooo cute!!! She has her head cocked to the side just like you! Such a sweetheart :D me want doggie!!!

I hate it that you're a cat person.. Boo!

Elly said...

yey! dpt mentioned ..fofular i!! lol rindu la ngoks!

Ayeshadam said...

ALia: Collie is comel! i love her, but she drools and busuk. hahaha cats are awesome. Hater.

Elly: Org Australia baca blog i!!! rindu u too ma maaan! >:D<

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