Wednesday, September 29

Cone Pizzzzzzza! :D

Last night me and Muuzi had a penchant for Mexican food. Y'know, Taco's, buritto's, that sort of thing.

So he went online and found this review of a place called Caliente, in Kota Damansara.. The review was good enough, and the food looked so good that before we knew it, we were in the car on the way to Kota D.

We searched and search kota D, finally rechecking the website for an address. Then we noticed the review was written in 2008, and Caliente's spot has been taken over by a new Pizza Hut Outlet.

So depressed and still hungry, me and Muuzi went across the street to try Cone Pizza.

Two words to describe it. YUM. YUM.

I had the Penne Arabiata (which currently my fave type of pasta btw) and Muuzi had the Fettuchini Olio-Olio with Pepperoni which both were quite nice, not too dry or oily. Azlee and Izhan joined us later for some Cone Pizza. It was surprisingly very delicious! At first i wasn't sure how to eat it, but eventually lost interest in looking sane and just attacked the cone like a vicious bird.

All in all, eventho we have yet to get our Mexican food fix, we were glad to have tried something new. :)


Nur Adawiyah said...

sedap ye cone pizza?nak try someday:)

Ayeshadam said...

sedap gak, pasta dia pon ada sedap. :)

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