Wednesday, June 30

It's time to get excited...

As anyone who has been following this blog for the past few years would know,

Im a MAJOR Harry Potter Geek. I watched Chamber of secrets 7 times at the cinema.. I have a quidditch card set at home but till this day have no clue how to play it. I used to collect chocolate frog cards, acid pops (which are super Delish btw) and bertie bots everyflavoured jelly beans. :D :D :D

Pass freak outs.
Harry potter and the Half Blood Prince
Harry potter and the Order of Phoenix
Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire

Awesome bonus

i dont suffer from POTTERHOLISM, i ENJOY it


Alia said...

Excusez-moi, that quidditch card set is MINE remember? Hahahaha.. I remember how I regret buying that game, more so since it was SO expensive!!

Btw, did you see the curious little black box labelled Cranium at home? Bila kita free jom main! It's lots of fun, bring all your friends along :D

Ayeshadam said...
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Ayeshadam said...

Kecoh... Fine, i can never compete with ur Potterholism.

I never dressed up as Cho Chang. :D haha

Alia said...

Hahahahhahaha!! Yes, but rightly so, cuz at least I'm not a quarter of a century old and about to get married! ;)

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