Sunday, October 8

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger?

Found this awesome vid on Youtube..

Disclaimer: I am not a Harry Hermione Shipper. I think Hermione should be with Ron as it's meant to be. But i do think Harry and Ginny aren't really that good together. :P

I miss Harry Potter. Highly awaiting the next installment. :D

more info on that here.


Owh, last night i saw My Super ex-girlfriend. Haha.. Twas hillarious. best gila. Must watch just to see em break the bed. kekeke.

Uma Thurman is like Superhot. wahh!! nak hot camtu gakk.. :D

-_- well, i can dream can't i?

Going back to melawati later today, or maybe tomorrow kalau tak sempat. :) Missing family huhu.

Went to Hartamas square last night.

Last get together with the peeps b4 everyone goes home.. huhu
It wasn't fun. I mean at least not for me. Everywhere i looked i saw these pretty YOUNGER girls. They were pretty i tell you, some were just plain downright gorgeous and they couldn't have been more than 19. I felt old. i really did. And i'm only 21. GOD.

WAHHH!! :(( wanna rewind to my teenage days...

DOUBLE WAHHH!! am not a teenager anymore!!! am now friggin old fogey. GAHHH!!


Wanna go sulk in the shower. will blog laterin melawati. -_-

when im not feeling so self-concious. skian.


Alia said...

Yeah, definitely prefer Ron and Hermy! :D

Ehsan said...

Don't worry aye, you can always be a milf.

Aye said...

your such a darling ehsan. muahx.

Aye said...

harry n hermy rock harder. rons such a wimpy.

Rashid said...

How come when Ehsan degrades you by saying that you can always be a milf, you call him a darling with a muahx at the end, but when I praise your endowments such as your large breasts, you call me kerek without even so much as a kiss?

That is so not fair. :(

Anonymous said...

That's because I'm not degrading her. It's how you say it, not what you say :).

Aye said...

it's a complicated thing. I'll explain to ya later. :D

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