Wednesday, May 5

Quarter Life Crisis.

I'm getting frustrated with everything thats going on lately.

I feel alone, and that my friends don't want to hang out with me anymore since im getting married. I feel like a boring person to be around, and that i bring everyone down.

No one wants to be around me, let alone do 'wedding related' stuff with me... up to the point my own sister told me that if she had to sit thru another wedding discussion "she'd vomit". I feel stupid talking about the wedding around my friends, i feel like a cliche. Haih.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe im in a rut. Maybe im just depressed.

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Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Ayesha.. Please don't be sad.. You're getting married babe! That's a great thing and not a bad thing. Meh sini meh.. If no one wants to to wedding stuff with you, I'll do it with you k? And we both (Winder + me) still very much wanna be your friend..


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