Monday, November 9


Yes, it is i.... The girl who never updates her blog... MUAHAHAHHAA!!

Been busy lately with money issues, mother issues, friend issues, unemployment issues, wedding issues and trying to be an awesome girlfriend/bestfriend/daughter/sister/granddaughter/niece. phew~

Right now realizing that most of the problems i stress about are not really MY PROBLEMS.. so now i have decided to embrace a 'YOU-screwed-it-up,YOU-fix-it' policy.. and i must say the sun shines a little brighter (and hotter) everyday because of that. :)

then again, it could just be global warming.

-totally off topic- speaking of global warming, i went to get one of those cute eco friendly bags the other day... cost about 10 bucks (i refuse to believe the planet cost that much but anyway). The sales girl who sold it... wait for it... put it in a plastic bag for me. IRONIC or PLAIN IDIOTIC?

sadly, i keep forgetting to bring that bag with me when i go buy stuff.. and end up getting a bunch of plastic bags anyway.

'Who's the idiot now?!' said the sales girl mockingly in my mind.

Did u notice some places are now charging for plastic bags now? or that some places like 7Eleven don't even give u a plastic bag unless u ask for one. Even if u buy more than one thing..

I had to carry a big 1.5L coke bottle, a snickers bar and a loaf of gardinia in my handbag today... cuz i didn't want to look like a planet killing bitch.

-totally off topic again- Did you guys check out the line up for ROCKTHEWORLD 9!!!

OMG super awesomeness!!! It looks like theres going to be an acoustic stage judging from the singer-songwriters on the lineup.. Azmyl Yunor, Rashdan Harith, Zee Avi, and Liyana Fizi.. too bad no Yuna, or Rendra Zawawi. tsk.

sidenote, it was really annoying of people saying that One Buck Short didn't want to play cuz they berlagak (cuz they have rockaway), which is so not true, apparently the decision was made last year to not play this year and let other bands have a chance. And true to form this year a lot of NEW and some NOT SO NEW bands are playing like John's Mistress, Brainhead, 40 winks and Stonebay!

weirdly, Meet Uncle Hussain as well as Azlan and the Typewriters are both playing... which to me would be super cool to see how the former band singer will compete with his replacement.

Oooo goosebumps!

more line ups here!

Click to enlarge.

True to form, i had forgotten what my real topic for this post was about. :| oh well... maybe i'll update it when i remember :D


manje said...

it's funny how you say
'didn't want to look like a planet killing bitch'
cute though =)
takpe2..slow-slow ok kalau nak preserve earth.
kecik-kecik lama2 jadi bukit.eheh,is that even right?

syuen syuhada said...

hahahahahhahaha....~ we do have a common thingy here. xD
i hate of using plastic bags either but keep forgetting to bring along my eco-friendly bag....blah blah blah.

whatta-???!!! u know wut? i've been dreamin' for rockaway diz year!!!! D'x
the previous rockaway was freakin' AWESOME!!!!

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