Monday, November 30

Project 500 new moons

Being the social media addict i am, i was selected to join project 500.

FYI, Project 500 is an 'TOP SECRET ELITE' group of Malaysia's most active social media buffs; so naturally being picked was sort of cool (at first), I had received an EXCLUSIVE limited invite to go to a TOP SECRET BRIEFING about the project in CATHAY CINELEISURE, Followed by a PRIVATE FREE SCREENING of NEW MOON.


Anyway, i was a little excited to go to the event (movie aside), i have never been to a social network meet, so i was ready to meet some new people, but when i got there to the actual event, i realized that i'm not that sociable at all. I knew no one (except for a few people who i sort of recognize from facebook/myspace but no one that i know personally or even anyone who knew me that actually plucked up the courage to say hi)... and worse, no one seem to want to know me.

Which made me wonder maybe the 'cyber' me is actually more friendly/famous/interesting than the actual me. hmm...
Maybe i'm just not a friendly person. sigh.

Neway after a bit of lolly gagging ALONE up and down Cineleisure i actually bumped into someone i knew, one of Muuzi's bestfriends from high school Farez Reza and his gf Liyana. Later, bumped into Tekong a friend from MMU. PEOPLE I KNOW! YAY!

me and liyana (stolen from her facebook haha)

After a short chat we were ushered into the cinema, to begin the briefing.

Basically, i wasn't impressed with what they had to offer and suddenly being a TOP SOCIAL MEDIA USER wasn't so impressive anymore.

Basically these people were using us to test a new tweetdeck/meebo sort of website.

I am not a big fan of tweetdeck and other social media lazyassed applications. If u don't have time to check ur facebook... Don't check it. It's not the end of the world. Besides these sort of applications suck out the fun of the ACTUAL facebooking/twittering however i remained unbiased until i actually checked the website out.

Given each our own login/password, i checked it out on the spot. LOGIN took forFREAKINever. So naturally i blamed it on sucky phone connection and thought i'd check it at home (which btw was amazingly slower)

After the briefing, the Q&A session was unbearable, listening to TECH GEEKS trying to out do one another with who could come up with the geekiest questions.

GEEK1: What is the refresh rate?
GEEK2: Will it lag my computer? can streamyx support it? (seriously?)
GEEK3: Based on the ATR rate, will the UPI be able to take OIJOHUOAGOMGWTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!????

For this additional TORTURE/effort, i would at least think we would get more than a free movie and a discount KFC voucher.

Good part of this whole experience is easily summarized in two words


no actually


no i mean


erm, actually let it be


New Moon is, dare i say a little bit better than Twilight. Mostly because Taylor Lautner is a better actor than Kristen blink-a-lot Stewart, and he made their scenes together more bearable to endure.. sadly everytime Blinky and Rpatz took the screen despite Rpatz being sparkly and gorgeous enuff for the both of them, their scenes always made me want to gauge my eyes out..

I don't blame YOU, robert. It's all blinky's fault!

Just for that i am now officially TEAM JACOB for twilight, but i'm also on TEAM ROBERT in real life. See, i'm so FAIR.

But i have to say one thing about Blinky Stewart, She airbrushes really well don't you think?

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syuen syuhada said...'re so funny!!!! xDDD LMAO!!!!

huh, i was about to join project 500 when my tenet connection went slow~ thank goodness i couldn't get through all of them since yo post told me all these shitty stuff.

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