Tuesday, October 27

Back from the valley of Death..

So i'm back... slowly but surely i'm gonna be back on top..

Recap of whats happened so far,

-Redsquare the company that i was working for closed down due to sucky management and bad choices, so obviously im out of a job.

-My mother had a operation to remove her 'Fibroid' which a sort of growth a lot of women get in their older years.

-My boyfriend (i never say fiancee(??) cuz im not sure how to spell it. :P) was ALSO in the hospital recently for suspect heart problems, but turns out that he has something called sleep apnea (which makes it hard to breathe when he's sleeping). Now i can't sleep cuz i'm worried that he's not breathing, resulting in 2am wakeup calls to see if he's alive. So far so good. :)

-Both mom and boyfriend are doing much better now, but i am still unemployed haih. Been surviving with freelance jobs i get here and there. oh well.

life can only go up from way down here.

... it's a CLIMB (sorry to quote Miley Cyrus... but the girl's got a point.)


e²¹ said...

sleep apnea... isn't that the same thing that adam had? he had to undergo surgery on his tonsils. And then he couldn't laugh for days... must've been torture for the guy.

ur financee dah surgery?

Ayeshadam said...

Owh yea kan! Adam had the same surgery. huhu..

Mooky tak surgery lagi sbb they still need to do a bunch of test on him first.

hopefully no surgery.

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