Tuesday, December 1

Happy Anniversary!!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day that i decided to take a chance on a man who had always been a great friend.

Taking one step at a time and just going with the flow... we end up here, one wonderful year later, engaged and happier than ever.

Since we've been friends for so long it feels silly to celebrate 1 year of relationship, since we've known each other for waaay longer than that.

to Mundzir Abdul Latif & Ayesha Frances Adam

While putting this montage together, it made me realize that we don't have that many pictures together. Mostly ada org lain sibuk. Hmmm, must make it a point to take more pictures this year. :)

Love you Muuzi.


sHaNiDa said...

hey..that guy is from one buck short isnt?? cool!

thestrangestar said...

happy anniversary korang!
u guys memang sweet couple.
cant wait for the wedding's kompang


syuen syuhada said...

am soooo jealous of you guys~ huk huk

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