Thursday, August 27

Dirty Funk.

I heard this awesome song called Dirty Funk on the radio... and i had to have it.

Apparently it's by a guy named Steve Appleton. (Any relation to The Appleton sisters from All Saints not yet clarified)

To my suprised i found a Ryan Cabrera look a like... which i really wasn't expecting. Steve Appleton is so jambu! But i love his music... so his jambu-ryan-cabrera-ness is forgiven.

Been listening to a lot of Electro/Rock/Pop type 'boy-bands' lately..

Current faves include:


They have been around for awhile and i love love love them!!

Forever the sickest Kids

Kinda new to the scene but they got some catchy tunes. Me Likey!


Just by putting this picture up i can already hear mashi yelling 'Andrew Vanwyngarden i punya!!'. But apart from that the band has some seriously awesome songs. I love love love!!

Van She

How can you not know who they are?! I've been hooked since Heineken Green Room (Nov 08!)

Boys Like Girls

I MISSED THEM AT WORLD STAGE!!!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!! sedih gila! They were the main reason why i wanted to go to world stage. But i missed them!! Shit! Asal dorang main awal.. damnyuh MTV!

Cobra Starship

Technically not a Boy-band since they have a girl in the group but they deserve props as one of my current favorites. The only thing good about Snakes on a Plane, was the theme song plus My William Beckett from the 'Academy is' was in that video!. Been in love with them since then.. Currently 'Good Girls go bad' is my fave repeat in my Ipod. :D


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! I can begin to tell you how i'm addicted to these two!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Starstuckk'!!

If i talk about all the bands that i'm currently stalking this list will never end.. ^_^ so i better end it and get back to work.

Owh and selamat berpuasa semua! :D

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