Monday, July 20

The hopelessy uncoordinated vs. RM200 shoes

Which girl hasn't walked into a fancy shoe store and dreamed of wearing those killer heels to a fancy ultra glamorous event...

Where all the other girls watch in jealousy and wonder 'how do you walk in those shoes' and for a minute you amaze them.

Last week, i finally purchased my dream shoes, which I've had my eyes on forever from ZARA. I had planned to wear them to accompany Muuzi to the SHOUTAWARDS that Friday.

They looked awesome, and were super comfortable.... until i actually tried to walk in them.

Safe to say i wobbled more like jelly, and wound up plunging face first into a curb of dirt.

I'm currently not allowed to buy any shoes.. except flats.

On other stories, SHOUTAWARDS was interesting to the least. Muuzi and gang looked super cool being monotoned... and i enjoyed most of the performances.

I loved BUNKFACE's performance!! Those kids(the mini bunkface kids, not the actual ones) are just too darn CUTE!! Despite everything thats going wrong with their attitudes and the conflicts with the managers, they still can put out a great show.

Anyway kudo's to the winners.. too bad OBS wasn't nominated. Maybe next year. :)

Owh, i finally watched HARRY POTTER and the half blood prince on saturday with Mama,Muuzi,Jajito and a few other people. Like expected it was so totally awesome, beyond muggle words to describe.

My life is almost complete.

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