Thursday, July 23

The Worst Appology Ever.

Not that i care much for Chris Brown in the first place, or Rihanna for that matter. I was so over it, then... Chris decided he should make the Worst Apology Ever, public.

What a douche.

Problems i have with it..

  1. First 3 seconds into the video and he already tried to put the blame on someone else, saying he wanted to say something, and apologize earlier. It took him 5 months for his lawyer to return his balls back is it?

  2. He's a LIAR LIAR LIAR.... and a bad one.

  3. He looks like a chef.

  4. Spirit Guides, what a load of waffle.

  5. So much more to be pissed about, but can't put it into words without talking about shitz that i'd rather keep to myself.

    Just know, VIOLENCE is NEVER cool... nor is it ever the answer.

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