Wednesday, July 15

Back on Track

I can't tell you the countless times i've logged in to Blogspot and stared blankly at the computer screen trying to figure what part of my life should i write about..

And as you can see by my clear lack of updates, it usually it ends up with me logging into my facebook/twitter account and stalking other people's lives. :P

Other than the pending drama of my imaginary degree... life's been great.

Here's a few details on what's been going on..

- I've been twittering (psst: follow me!) a lot lately, currently enjoy stalking Ryan Seacrest :D

- It was Alia's birthday yesterday (14th july)... didn't get her anything (no money), but i'm sure E2 gave her something really nice for all our sakes.

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY big lil sis!

owh and Happy Belated Birthday yang ke-SUKU ABAD to Jaja!

- Mama was in the hospital a few days ago due to abdominal pains.. turns out she had a fibroid attack. She's out and about now but will have an operation in September/October. yikes. Hope everything turns out ok.

- Saw DRAG ME TO HELL, twice!! Both times free.. courtesy of Uncle Mac. First time i saw it with Mashi & Jaja! Which was so much fun since it's been a long time since just us girls hung out together, i didn't even mind sitting next to Mashi (who has a tendency to hit people when she's terkejut).. anyway I loved the movie.. but it was kinda gross at some points. :P

- Haven't been spending the desired amount of time with Muuzi, cuz he's been busy A LOT. Between work and the band, i only see him during lunch breaks and late dinners (which also explains why i'm getting fatter btw)... but i don't blame him, he works really hard and i'm so proud of him. :)

- I recently discovered some girls scare me, i've recently encountered a few young(er than me) girls who have so happily admitted to having one night stands so casually. I don't think i am being 'so kampung' when saying that these type of stories should just be kept to your selves. I don't need the details of your dirty business and i think it's safe to say no one else really wants to know either.

- I'm still jobless... which is starting to effect my self esteem and finances. The thing is, i haven't really tried looking for a job. I'm still expecting a job offer to fall down from the sky. *fingers crossed* ^_^

- Owh!!! Muuzi got a nintendo Wii!!! :D I almost forgot to blog about it.. Me and Jaja spent most of last week playing with it until our arms were too sore to play. I love the WiiFit!! It's so FUN! I've been raving about it to everyone. I'm thinking of getting one for Mama on her birthday so she can yoga on it. :P Highlight of the evening is when we got Syed and Azlee to play the HulaHoop game.. OMG it was so hysterical!! Waiting for Izhan to come back from China so we can torture him next! :D

- I'm going to the SHOUT AWARDS @ stadium putra this friday... still trying to figure out what to wear. Ideas?

- I'm starting to be very agitated by other peoples "DRAMA's".. I know i once said i love to watch people's drama's but i think certain people are just terlampau 'dramatic' even for me to handle. Creating multiple problems with acts of stupidity and "i-didn't-mean-to's"... I believe we are all old enough to take into account for our own actions, and if you repeatedly do negative things that effects others.. don't play dumb when it all blows up in your face.

- I WANT HARRY POTTER TICKETS DAMMIT!!! the stupid GSC website doesn't work. STUPID as hell!! Can't seem to do any sort of booking, just keeps refreshing! By the time i get thru, all the tix are already booked! haih.. GSC needs to update their database soon yo!! Hopefully gonna be able to watch it on SATURDAY. Yay!

I think that's all for now really can think of right now.... i'll try and improve my blogging habits from now on. :)

Owh and if you're wondering whats going on with the layout, i've been stressing out cuz the old layout was really heavy and took forever to load, so this is the temporary layout till i find something better.



Cik Qemm said...

happy birthday alia!


best ek cite yg u tgk 2 kali tu?

Alia said...

Heee thank you Aye and Qemmal :D


Alia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
e²¹ said...

errr i haven't gotten anything for alia yet :P but i will! eventually...

the gsc website punya booking system tak berguna lah. only the credit card payment system thing works. just go to the cinema to buy tickets for a few days earlier la.

(tadi terguna alia's login. :P )

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