Friday, September 28

Bye Bye tower records!

After only a week... ok, technically 4 days, of working in tower records. I quit.

The lures of the cititel job is tooo strong. Plus commuting to Hartamas is a bitch. *OK, secrets out. I was in tower records Hartamas Shopping Center. Supposedly only for training, cuz situ tak ramai orang. Then i would be changed to sunway* Anyway.........

Even though i was just 4 days, i feel like it was a lifetime. I learnt everything there was to learn. I sold a lot. And i got lots of cool merchandise. :P

- I got two Good Charlotte T-shirts (Supposedly to wear as uniforms)
- *I can't already feel ezani's eyes burning thru this one* ONE LINKIN PARK tee (size XL.. too big for me but im wearing it now to tido anyway. Ngahahaha*
- and a high school musical poster. :D :D :D

not bad for 4 days right??

The manager was actually gonna give me this Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight DVD boxset which he got for free (worth rm 168*) but i turned it down.... Cuz he offered it to me b4 i told him i was quitting.

I have a Guilty conscious Ok!

it might not be a smart conscious,, But it's there!


Alia said...

Wow it seems everybody loved you there! Haha!

And how can you not let that Linkin Park tee see the light of day!! Gimme gimme gimme! :D :D

Ayeshadam said...


U dont even like linkin park anymore. tsk.

e²¹ said...

XL pulak tuh. Kasi Alia.

AddamBlack said...

apalaaa u nih. berenti. sheesh

Ayeshadam said...

e2: u tak nak ke? hehe... tak kot. I think didie dah claim it secara tak officially as his own. :P

addamblack: it's too far la. plus gaji the new job is way more. :D

Alia said...


Dahlah aku tanak kasi ko apa apa barang lagi dari Australia. Merajuk!

Ayeshadam said...

i tak kasi pon.. dia nak claim for his own. :P

takde nye i'll hold it out for u.

hehe. But i still got the hsm2 poster if u want. teehee!

Didi said...

Ur likin part tee are wit me :)

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