Wednesday, September 26


It's soooo darn typical.

When ur looking for a job, the job usually evades you. but when you finally settle down into something, THE JOB FINDS YOU....


I just got another job @ a hotel, refered by cuddle's sister.

The work hours are less, its nearer to my house, And i pays DOUBLE or more what im getting at tower records.


Problem is, how am i gonna tell the tower records people. :( They like me so much.

And i've been promising to do all sorts of stuff, like decorate the store for raya, and help design uniforms! -__-

But the fact still is that the other job is nearer, pays more, would teach me alot more and a lot EASIER. I hate bailing on people who have faith in me. Hurm... :(



e²¹ said...

kata jer family emergency.

Alia said...

Just work there until after raya ajelah, then stop and go over to the hotel job. They can't marah you if you've done everything you promised - and you can leave with a free conscience :D Heee.

Congrats on scoring a darn good job though. Hebat giler! :D Yay, can go travelling with you nanti. Weee~

Ayeshadam said...

e2: tak baik menipu bulan puasa. :P

alia: YOU are such a gold digger man. :P :P

Alia said...

Whaaaat... *muka innocent* :P

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