Friday, September 28


A day after quitting my job at Tower Records, and Accepting the job in Cititel (I start monday.)

I get a phone call this morning from.... Who?...

.......The company that applied to 2 months ago. The job in CJ, which at the time i desperately wanted. But since they never called me back i assumed that i didnt get the job.

TODAY. They called.

woman: Hi, i am * are from *blablabla*... U applied here for the position of * awhile ago. (yeah, A WHILE!) We would now like to offer you employment here starting as soon as October. Do you still want the position?

me: %#^#@^$&*%@@!!! No, sorry. Im already commited to something else.

So here's my question. Where were all these jobs when i was sitting on my ass at home for the last 3 months?? Where were all these calls telling me i got the job.

Don't get me wrong. Im thankful and i think my karma is top of the hill this week. But i just feel a little worried and when too many bearers of good news arrive in such a short period of time. Feeling suspicious of whats bad things are gonna happen to counter balance all the happy things. Hurm....


v|nder said...

damn! and i jz went for interview today. think i might end up in hartamas too. hmmm...we'll see. good luck with the new job.

Ayeshadam said...

Haha, auw.. too bad. Good luck. The guys there are really nice. You probably wont be there for a long time. You can ask to be changed after awhile. :)

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