Monday, December 31

Letter to my Son #1.

My Dearest Mahdi,

It's amazing to think that it's only been a year since you came into our lives. Since you feel as apart of us as any of our limbs, we can hardly remember our lives before you came.

I remember last year, on this very day when i first heard you crying, i was so overwhelmed with emotions that i, myself started crying... then i finally laid my eyes on you. You were powdery white, perfect except for a tiny scar on your forehead.. others would have been freaked out by this scar, but to me you were still the most beautiful little man i had ever seen. Plus, Tok Mama reckoned the scar made you look like Harry Potter. :)

Ayahanda was so happy to meet you, he was so speechless (which is rare for Ayahanda), and there was a funny incident with your poop, which happened that night while he took care of you because i was resting, it will be my most treasured memory forever.

In this ONE year, We’ve taught you about life, how to clap, about words, music, play, what love and happy means, and about important things such as how to walk and not eat strange objects from the floor.

In return, you have taught us how to be stronger, be more patient, laugh more than our stomach muscles can take, survive on minimal sleep, love deeper than we ever thought possible and pray harder everyday that tomorrow brings us closer together.

You’ve opened our eyes to what real beauty and real happiness means, and our hearts are bursting because you’re in our lives.

Soon you will be old enough to talk, walk and make friends. Remember to always share your toys, be kind to others, even if they are mean to you, keep being awesome like you are now, and never loose your spirit and zest. :)

So, As you grow up, always remember that even though sometimes We are busy, know that we are ALWAYS thinking of you. We are both working hard to give you the best life possible because me and Ayahanda love you so so very much.

Happy Birthday Sayang.

Love Always,
Mak and Ayahanda.

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