Monday, October 29

Pirate Party Planning!

I know it's early, but i've decided to start planning Mahdi's birthday party!

Reason being, his birthday is on the 31st of December, which is a Monday, so i'd have to have the party on the 1st of jan, on tuesday.. which means most of my friends are going to be out partying the night before, and tired/hungover on that day. So i'd have to give them ADVANCED warning, so they can plan their day appropriately.

Or maybe i could have the party on the 30th, which would be Sunday.. hmm that actually would be better.

As i said, i'm only starting to plan it. So i haven't worked out the details yet. But the one thing is for certain is that we are having a pirate theme pool party, which is TOO CUTE!!

Isn't it cute? looks simple enuff.

I gotta say, i'm going to try making it more cutesty pirate, and not so skulls and bonesy. Also I'm thinking of making bandana's and eye patches for the kids, and maybe tiny little vest? (too much? we'll see)

One thing i know without a doubt is that i am going to make Mahdi a Smash Cake! That epic moment of messiness of Mahdi becoming a big boy, no doubt. I'm having a smash cake! :D

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