Saturday, October 6

I wish i had a million bucks.

Yesterday, i had a busy, busy productive day.

After breakfast and getting Mahdi cleaned and fed, we went to Symphony Heights to see a listing that our Realtor, CC had suggested.

Things i wish i had known before agreeing to see this house:
- I wish i knew it Symphony Heights was in Batu Caves.
- Wish i knew the unit was on the 24th floor.
- Wish i had declined in advance and not have wasted my time.

Honestly, the unit was pretty decent, huge living area, 3+1 rooms and 2 bathrooms, giant balcony with an amazing view of KLCC from every window.

 If only i could get over the height. Even right now we are living on the 16th floor and i won't let Mahdi anywhere near the windows or balcony.. ini 24th floor, and he's going to be walking soon... mmg no way la.

So the search continues, ideally i would love a landed property, but unfortunately it's crazily out of our price range, and we don't fancy living in freaking Shah Alam, which so far away from our family, friends, and work. Doesn't make much sense to compromise on living quality, just for a few extra sqft of a front yard..


Anyway, after the disappointing house viewing, i met up with Mashi in OU, and somehow she managed to get me into a make up makeover at the Chanel counter.

I have to say, i usually would never ever ever think of buying something so frivolously expensive for makeup. But i gotta say i'm converting. After the make over, i felt like a million bucks! That is saying something, since i'm so used to drugstore make up. Maybe it's worth to upgrade my standards a bit, gotta get out of this mentality that i can't afford nice things. I'm a working woman, earning a living. :)

Ok, maybe i should start somewhere in the middle and not go full out Chanel yet. Maybe i'll start small with maybe something from middle range brand... like Bobbi Brown or M.A.C? Still sticking to the under rm200 range, instead of jumping to rm200+ for a tiny bottle of concealer.

Hmm.. will ponder on this some more. Will keep you posted.

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