Friday, September 14

I'm rejoining the workforce!


Finally got my paperwork done and now it's official! I'm going back to work. Weeeeeee..

Am excited to be around full grown people again. Meeting new people, having lunch at mamaks, and having a social life that doesn't include dribble and diapers..

Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOVE being at home with my Mahdi boy. Nothing gives me more pleasure and happiness. Seriously.

But we want to buy a house, and have a great place for him to grow up, that we can call our own. And in this economy, lets face it... One pay check is definitely NOT ENOUGH. So i've decided to sacrifice some of my time with Mahdi, in order to provide him the with best life ever. :)

Lucky for me, my mother and sister have offered to babysit Mahdi until he's old enuff to go to a nursery. But more on the later.

I don't know how i'm going to be able to leave for work on that first day.... i might cry. I feel like crying just thinking about it. Huuuuu

Psst.. check out Mahdi's two tiny baby teeth.. HOW PRECIOUS ARE THEY?? ^_^

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