Sunday, September 9

A place to call Home.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you can't sleep at night because you are too busy thinking about it?

Thats how i feel about this house that we saw a couple of weeks ago in Taman Ukay.

I wouldn't say its my dream home, but somehow i feel that its destined to be the place where my family will make new memories.

The place where Mahdi learns to ride his first bike, or the place where we have many many BBQ parties, and Open House every raya.

As a kid, my mother moved a lot, so renting became our way of life... But its always been a dream of mine to have a house to call my own. A place i could paint, any color i like. Or mount shelfs or pictures on the walls, and not having to worry that it would void my deposit. Somewhere i would be able to stay for more than just 2-3 years... But possibly spend 10-15 years in one place.

See, My dreams aren't so big. Im not really asking for a lot.

Anyway, right now, my dream is in the hands of some very important loan officers at a bank. Pls pray that they approve and make my dream come true. :)

Update: Sad to say the loan fell through, because the area is blacklisted as a landslide area.
How Upsetting! This house had such a cool layout plan and was so unique, it was near to Taman Melawati, and had really good schools nearby. Sigh. Looks like we are back on the search again.

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