Friday, July 6


It feels like ages since i last had a holiday...

Ok, i went to penang a few weeks ago.. And i dont have a real job, so y do i need a holiday?

Firstly, penang didnt count as a holiday, because we were there for a wedding, and there was more relative visiting, and less lounging by the poolside. Secondly, everyone needs a break from their everyday routine once in awhile.. :D even if tht routine includes afternoon naps and a whole lot of tv watchin.... Sometimes its nice to have an afternoon nap, and watch tv in a different state, preferbly a state by the sea.

Avillion Port Dickson

Our Gamelan welcoming committee

So much beauty

But seriously, we had so much fun in Port Dickson! We stayed in Avillion PD, which is a gorgeous seaside hotel/villa, mama got to come with us, Mahdi got to spend time with his grandparents, aunties, uncles and baby cousin Dalmar. And me and Muuzi got to go late night swimming in the 24 hour pool! We bought giant floppy hats, and ate satay. It was just what we all needed.

Our hotel room!
Quality time with Ayahanda

Breakfast with Grandma

Room with a view

Pak Cik 

Mahdi and his Uncle Iffat and Aunty Nunu.. and a sleepy ayah
Pool fun

Uncle Iffat and his pet rooster

Grandpa, Grandma, Dalmar and little Mahdi

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