Tuesday, May 29

My 30 before 30 list

In a few days, i turn 27 years old. Gaaaahhhhhh...

It's so crazy how this last few years have just flown by... and in three years, i'll be reaching the big 3-0, so i thought it would be fun to make a list of things have yet/would like to accomplish before i turn 30.

Obviously, i've done the big ticket items... like, get married, get a baby. But there's SO MUCH MORE that i want to achieve/do before i turn 30..

1. Own a house
2. Learn to cook awesome Nasi Lemak.
3. Get a cat!
4. Go hiking
5. Reach your target weight!!!
6. Master cooking up a gourmet 5-course meal.
7. Learn to surf.
8. Go Deep Sea Diving
9. Start a business
10. Learn Yoga
11. Create a canvas acrylic painting
12. Fly a kite
13. Own something ridiculous
14. Go to Bali
15. Take pole dancing lessons.
16. Go to Greece
17. See a historic monument
18.Visit the relatives in the UK
19. Spend an entire day at a spa
20. Rock out at a foreign music festival.
21. Master a karaoke song. Flawlessly.
22. Learn guitar.
23. Learn to sew my own clothes.
24. Actually drive out of town... (amazingly haven't done this yet)
25. Go fruit/apple picking in an orchard with Mahdi.
26. Learn a foreign language.
27. Watch the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan
28. Try fancy sushi/sashimi (not the generic crabmayo ones)
29. Bathe in a waterfall
30. Have another baby. :)

1 comment:

Suz L said...

great list! I did the surfing and karaoke for my list too (although I just attempted- not mastered!). Good luck! Sounds like a lot of fun!

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