Wednesday, May 30

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee

I honestly feel so blessed lo be so loved..
It's my birthday today... And honestly, I was feeling a bit bummed out about it. I felt old, and didn't really feel like celebrating my day, so I settled for having lunch with Muuzi, just the two of us... Like old times. :)

Later Mashi came over and we hung around for a bit... Because I was planning to go to tok's house for dinner. But then Muuzi said he was gonna take me out to dinner but it would be a little later.

By 8 pm I was still waiting, and he said he might be even later... So by now I was a little bit miserable, I didn't want to go out for my birthday in the first place. And now I'm all excited and he's stuck in the office. Talk about my luck. So me, Mashi, mama and Mahdi ended up going to OU anyway since Mashi was craving for some Carls JR. (which was weird, cuz she hates fast food... But I was too bummed to care).. Honestly, I didn't mind where we ate, as long as no one makes me stand on a chair and makes me sing (TGIF, 2 years ago on my 25th.. The horror)

We got to Carl's jr and I found a good seat in front of the counter, but Mashi wanted to sit in the back, and I got up and moved, and to my surprise there was Muuzi, and wandabomb with cake and a bouquet of balloons!

I was shocked, I can't believe I fell for it. :) best birthday ever.
I was with my closest friends and loving family. I feel so blessed. I can't explain it.

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