Friday, May 4

Las Vacas yumyum

Today was a happy, happy day.

Muuzi was too sick to go to work, so he was on mc.. He's been working late all week and frankly, i think he's exhausted. So after a well deserved sleep in, we set off for a late lunch.

It so happened, that mama had just completed her online TEFL course today... so we decided to make it a celebratory late lunch. :)

After much thought we ended up going to Las Vacas in Mont Kiara... I've always wanted to try it, but i have a issue with anything thats expensive for no particular reason. RM80 for steaks??.. hells no, unless i had a good reason.

Turns out, the food was really nice. The appetizer portions were a bit small, and gone too fast, but it was yummy while it lasted.

The main dishes, were a bit more well rounded in portions. I had a 150g beef burger which came with fries, and mama had the Lamb chop. Muuzi, was still not feeling so well, so he decided to stick to his diet and ended up getting just a hotdog, which he later regretted.

After lunch, we hopped over to baskin and robbins for some dessert, Pralines and Cream on Brownie ala mode anyone?? Yummmmmmmm... Unfortunately, no pics of the ice cream, as it was so yummy we dug in instantly. 

By the time we finished 'lunch', it was almost evening so we sent mama home, and went to see the patio boys and hung out for awhile.

Bringing a nice ending to our nice and relaxing day :) Actually, any day that Muuzi is home is considered 'the best day ever'... so my standards of a 'good day' is pretty low. :)

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