Friday, December 30

Hello there Due Date.


I haven't been able to sleep for the pass two nights due to these increasingly painful contractions. I literally feel like crap right now.

Hoping this will all end soon, since today IS my due date after all. Muuzi took the day off work to be with me just incase anything went down... plus we had our Dr's appointment in selayang so he would have had to take half day anyway.

Anyway, that afternoon we made the trip to Selayang Hospital (for the 3rd time this week) to meet Dr. Roslan, who will be delivering our baby (hopefully soon).

To my dismay, he told me that the contractions that i am currently having are actually very mild (wtf!?) and i am definitely in pre-labor right now, so it's gonna take about a day... or three.

Honestly, my body just feels like it's going to self destruct... i know i am not suppose to complain so much and be positive.. blablabla.
But i've been stressing out about the due date for what seems like weeks now.. and for it to finally be here and have to be told to wait a little longer.

Arghhh.. i am tired, restless and stressed out of my mind.. and frankly i am starting to worry that everything will go terribly wrong. :(

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