Monday, December 5

The unexpected...

I had the shock of my life today when Mashi told me one of our friends just had a baby... So unexpected.. but i suppose i've been so caught up in my own life that i haven't really had time to keep in touch with all my friends. I must do better in future. :)

So anyway today me and Mashi made our way to HKL to welcomed little Adriana Lisa into the world...

Miss Adriana Lisa (tiada kaitan dgn supermodel Adriana Lima), born 3rd December at 3.2kgs

Aunty Mashi and little miss 'Fancy' (a nickname idea that Mashi won't let go, but is obviously not happening)

Congratulations to my dear friend, i only wish for all the most beautiful things in your life... and clearly one of them is your new beautiful baby girl. :)

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