Monday, December 5

Things i'm looking forward to...

The days are passing now faster then ever nowadays... almost like magic.

I'm on constant contraction watch, yet i'm not really sure what a contraction feels like... i tried reading about it but most of the blogs and forums all have different ideas of what a contraction feels like. But, most of them agree that when we get them, you know immediately.

But in my case, i have a rather high tolerance of pain and practically feel discomfort most of the time now and it's really starting to toy with my head... 'wait... was that a contraction? or is the baby trying to tear up my uterus from the inside?' and then it stops and a day later, still no baby.

However thru the constant anxiety of waiting to pop, i decided to focus on all the things i'm looking forward to doing when i am no longer pregnant (honestly, i feel like i've been pregnant forever)...

Here's a list of the 'Things i'm looking forward to'...
  • Sleeping/Rolling on my tummy... i miss this so much, it's so unnatural.
  • Eating a big helping of RAW sushi... with extra ebiko and fresh salmon!! yummmm..
  • Jumping... Running... Dancing... things i wouldn't miss until they said i couldn't do it anymore.
  • Climb ladders and lift heavy objects on my own.. and not wait around helplessly for people to decide to help me (which might take AEONS)
  • Getting a JOB!!! Going back to work is my ultimate goal... even with a 7 month gap in my resume, i really, really want to work again... for fear i might lose my mind completely.
  • Wearing JEANS!!!!!!! OMG, how i miss the felling of wearing a rusty, tight fitting pair of jeans... it's insane. After this i'm swearing off ALL ELASTIC PANTS.
  • while we are on the subject of clothes, i can't wait to buy something that fits me normally... something that doesn't need to be stretchable would be nice..
  • relatives/strange people-i-dont-know not being able to touch my belly sesuka hati mereka.. just because i'm sharing my body with another person, doesn't mean i wanna share it with you.
  • I'm looking forward to not being pregnant... and oddly looking forward to being treated like a person who nobody cares about not like i'm made of glass and will shatter into a million pieces with the slightest mistreatment.
  • But lastly, i'm just looking forward to meeting my little man, who's been keeping me up late at night with his kicking and moving around... i already have a feeling he's going to be a handful but i'm sure seeing him for the first time will make the last 9 months of not doing the things above, worth it.
Although i have a couple of weeks to go... i have a feeling that i might be celebrating a birthday sooner than expected. :)

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