Saturday, December 3

All packed up with no place to go..

My hospital bags are packed and i'm ready to go.. I packed two separate bags cuz i'm semangat like that.

For those who are looking for ideas and such for what to pack.. here's the list of what i've included in my packing.

Ingredients of my Baby bag
* Newborn diapers
* Receiving blanket
* Towel
* Socks 
* Sleepsuit
* Baby's go home baju
* Mittens
* Cap
My hospital bag ingredients
* Socks
* Sanitary pads
* Breast pads
* Disposable underwear
* Towel 
* My ipod
* Nursing bra
* Going home outfit
* Sweater
* B/pump and bottle milk storage
* Buttoned down shirt to wear as baju tidur
* Wet Wipes
* Toiletries
* Baby documents

Now i'm all packed with no place to go... it's gonna be a slow few weeks.

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