Monday, May 30

My Family Rocks.

Muuzi was in Singapore for the Music Matters Conference.. so i spent some much needed family bonding time with my mom and sister... and ezani.

We watched Kungfu Panda on Friday night.. then had a sleepover at Alia and Ezani's new house in Puncak Damansara.

I get tired a lot lately, apparently pregnant woman experience a lot of fatigue in the first trimester. Probably from the change of hormones and diet.

Neway i was out like a light, and woke up pretty late on saturday. We had originally planned to start the day early and make some demo cookies for tok and the rest of the family to try... Safe to say the actual baking only took place around 4pm. :P

Alia and Mama hard at work making ChocoChip cookies.

The first batch didn't go so well :P.

Eventually we managed to perfect the recipe to make the perfect Choc chop cookie but forgot to take a picture of it before we ate them all. :P

On Sunday, we headed down to Melawati with our batch of cookies and had a mini celebration with the family...

Alia got me a Red Velvet cake from Just Heavenly which is funny cuz Aunty Wani and the girls also made a Red Velvet cake from scratch. :P

yes, that's ezani in the background.

Uncle mamat telling stories...

Meet Mooky Mouse. :P

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hey, i'm family too! you just mengakued that i rock. :D

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