Friday, May 27

Unemployment here i come!!

Today is my last day in my current office.

It wasn't suppose to be today, because i was supposed to serve 3 months after quitting but about 3 weeks after i tendered my resignation they found out i was pregnant and offered me an early release from my contract. Citing if i were to stay on the full 3 months i would be obliged to work weekends and late nights like usual regardless of my current 'condition'.

I mean, no doubt in my mind it was a shitty move on their part. I have often heard that pregnancies is basically the END of an advertising career... that is why most* of the women in advertising aren't married, or if they are will be 40 and childless.

(*i say most because there are some people who still make it work.. but mostly it's very difficult)

Anyway, as you can see, i took the early release deal anyway.. i really can't be bothered to stay on if i'm going to be a 'burden' to the team, with my constant morning sicknesses and inability to tolerate the teams strong cigarette stench..

Well, It was fun working here, until it wasn't anymore :) I'll probably miss the boys, and the few friends i've made here.

But now it's time for some rest and relaxation until i figure out what i'm going to do with the rest of my life!! woooooooooo!

ps: Dear Johnny Depp, please save your career and don't do another Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Cus the last one sucked pretty bad, if you absolutely must do one, bring Orlando Bloom pls? :P

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