Friday, April 15

Meet Superman!

What a dream boat, i've been a fan of Henry Cavill ever since i saw him on a episode of Tudors is was prolly the only episode of Tudors i've ever watched, it's like glorified porn (like all HBO originals).

The NEW-est Superman Reboot is going to be directed by Zack Snyder (of 300 & Sucker Punch). I'm a sucker for comic book movies, so im excited! Can't wait for this to come out. :D

Other Comic book movies that i'm waiting for are the NEW Spiderman Reboot (Andrew Garfield WOOT!), Xmen - first class, Thor, and Captain America - The First Avenger. :D

But non of these movies could compete with my dying anticipation to watch the FINAL Harry Potter movie of ALL TIME.. *sad* *excited* OMGWTFWEI!!

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