Wednesday, January 5

My Dream Houz

If i WE ever buy a house, i hope i can decorate it with a touch of hollywood glamour. Sure it looks a little feminine, but it'll be DARN COZY. You all won't wanna leave my house. Thats how awesome it will be.

Unfortunately for me. Muuzi prefers this ZEN-ish clean type of interior, which is awesome, if you wanna live in a showroom all your life. I say we need a place that feels like home, with all our stuff for show, and CLUTTER! lots of clutter.

He's very adamant about his choice, as i am about mine. Another thing we will have to settle before we get a place of our own. :D

ps: i'm pretty sure i will get my way tho. #justsaying.


Alia said...
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Alia said...

Hahaha! What are you saying? "live in a showroom" - your way is like friggin living in a magazine! Did you not see that oldskool skates in picture #7?!

I just one my house to look like Ikea. 'Nuff said :P

Ayeshadam said...

thats exactly what i mean, ikea is cool and all, but who wants their house to look like a shop? (with the exception of you)

ps: the skates in pic #7 belong to Miley cyrus, it's her wardrobe room. :P

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