Monday, August 2

Ulu Yam Picnic with the Girls

Got a msg from Miss Qemmal last week, inviting everyone to a picnic in UluYam on the 1st of August.

Excited to see my friends for the first time since the wedding, i replied straight away with a 'Count me in'!!

Sunday, 1st August came around, and i had miscalculated that i would be at MTV World Stage all day saturday and at night at Green Room: The Rapture til 4 am.

I was supposed to meet Zetty/Gjan/Yanti at 7 am.. with lack of sleep and barely any energy i made the trip anyway. Canceling on my friends, yet again, was not an option. Thank God Gjan came late, giving me an excuse to get a tiny bit more rest before the hike.

We arrived at my friend Pqok's house at 9, and had to wait another 30mins or so for the rest of the group to show up, Typical. :)

We finally left for Ulu Yam, and arrived at around 10.30am, the place was already pretty packed with people.

10.30am at Ulu Yam, Clockwise L-R (Fida, Zetty, Yan, Me, Pqok, Yanti, Qemmal, and Gjan)

We hiked down, and in the jungle till we finally agreed on a secluded spot to ourselves. Quickly we started on our awesome Nasi Lemak and Teh Panas (gila babi), for breakfast.

Ulu Yam, Clockwise L-R (Zetty, Yanti, Me, Qemmal, Fida, Yan, Gjan and Pqok in front)

Enjoying my Jungle Tea, Clockwise L-R (Me, Gjan, Fida, Qemmal and Pqok)

It was only after eating that we discovered that our picnic spot had a lot of pacats, luckily we had Zetty the Pacat destroyer around. Or we, probably would have been eaten ALIVE!!

Mesyuarat tergempar.

Qemmal & Gjan (@ akak kantin).

Yan is Happeh! Cuz she haz platez.

Yan: Hurrah!! I haz Plate!!!

Pqok: Tumpang Gembira.

Group Shot.
Yan still haz plate.

After we all finished our mandi manda session and most of the food had been consumed, we left Ulu Yam and went to Wangsa Walk, for a quick Karaoke session before i had to go back to Melawati.

No pics of that yet, but will definitely upload them soon ^_^


e²¹ said...

mana gambar pacat?! :P

Ayeshadam said...

Eiuw! No way! was too freaked out about ze Pacat to think about a photo-op.

Alia said...

I haz pacats for breakfast :D

Ayeshadam said...


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