Saturday, August 28

Misery loves company...

I feel like all i do is complain these days,

i don't know why you guys still read my blog. It's depressing.

I'm a old married makcik; naggy, fat and bitter.

My adorable loving husband doesn't know any better, which is probably why he still loves me.

Too bad he's otw to China now, hence why i'm alone, bored, and blogging... randomly...

Speaking of RANDOM, I recently rediscovered how much i LOVE twitter.

People on twitter and endless amounts of fun! Some people whom i know personally are a lot different on twitter, you get to share their blow by blow days, the mood swings, the tweetpic lunches, the everyday drama's that you probably wouldn't know about that someone..

More fun, if you don't really know that person so well, and you are let into their weirdest thoughts, foulest bad days and most random playlists..

Even MORE FUN! Some peeps i follow are down right bipolar tweeters.

One minute it's 'OOoo, yummy cake for lunch! love!'
the next is 'you ruined my life!! i wish you would just fuck-off and die!'
then it's 'cute kitten on youtube! so adorable http://link!'

o_0 how to keep up???

i think you need a bit more than 140 characters to find out what kind of psych meds you should be taking..

Maybe you guys should follow ME on twitter. Maybe i is crasy too. 0_o

Fail Whale! i love him.... with WIMAX, you can be sure to see a lot of him. :P

1 comment:

sayanora said...

Heard about Alia & Ezani a while back. Good times to kahwin! Since you're prolly still in kahwin-mode, you'll be lots of help to her!

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