Friday, August 20

Puasa. Sabar. Irritation.

Urgh, i'm about ready to get this month over and done with,

I need a holiday,

I miss seeing my friends, and i have no time to see them cuz im always working, and for some reason have become too lazy to go out late and 'yumcha'.. and since my bukak puasa dates on weekdays are spent in the office, my weekends have been filled up with reunions and in-laws, grandparents, and family.

So many things happening lately, BANYAK DRAMA... which i thought is pretty dumb and unnecessary really, and a lot of people are just busy thinking about themselves, which i guess is fair, it's their life.

I'm just gonna think about myself and not let other peoples issues get me down.

Thanks to the many friends who read my blog being kind enuff to say im not fat. You are all a bunch of brown-nosing liars.. but i appreciate it. *Hugs*

I am trying to do something about my weight issues, it's not about vanity more a necessity. I feel horrible, and so lethargic.

Plus being a sloth is so not cute.

I'm planning to start some sort of exercise regime after raya, i hope i have time to that... sigh.

Ps: To my dear friend,
I know you are going thru a lot lately, and i've been busy with stuff and i bet you feel alone, but no worries, i'll see you soon and try and make up for all those times you had to handle it on your own. Sup Meletop jom! :D

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