Sunday, July 26

Are we human? Or are we dancers?

Been a busy busy bee..

Busy, Job searching and apartment hunting.

If all goes well, hopefully will get the new job by August. Hurrah! :D

Last friday went to Barsonic with the girls and wanthebomb!

Just like old times. Was awesome and free of DRAMA... which was nice for a change. :)

Then last night (saturday) me and jaja went to the Hennessy Artistry Party. I know technically by LAW, i'm not supposed to be there. These are the times when it rocks to be a rockstar's girlfriend..

I think the rule was stupid anyway... but i won't say more than that for fear of 800 negative comments.

Anyway, Fatman Scoop was awesome! Although he only performed like 3 mins at a time. but it was still entertaining. :)

One Buck Short was awesome. ^_^ but i may be biased. :P

YingYang was ok, but it got too hot and too crowded to enjoy myself. So we ended up leaving early to go makan.

Tonight we are all going to Pantai Remis to celebrate Winder's converting to islam. ^_^ Makan seafood! yeah!

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