Monday, June 22

ROCKAWAY 2009!!!

Saturday was FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!

Everytime i'm feeling down, i always have so many people to pick me up. I love you guys so much. :)

Check out how much fun we had at Rockaway 2009!

Mooky pawning of One Buck Short's new single Wait for it.. Revolution

My girls minus Jaja who's still in penang.

Muuzi and Me

Car Crash Hearts


Mashi and Alang (Bittersweet)

Mashi and Safwan

Muuzi lil brother; Iffat

Iffat's band MEDUSA


i [heart] Bunkface

Mashi and me met Candy! Akan ku tunggu~! hehe

Popshuvit's latest single Oh Shizuka is damn On's!!

One Buck Short.

It was a fun, and tiring day but exactly what i needed right now. More pics at facebook account guys.



ijad said...


e²¹ said...

eh. mashi dengan safwan eh skarang?

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