Thursday, April 23

Im a dead person....

Been having serious headaches these past few days,

I think its an overload of stress, i can't seem to concentrate on stuff, and my eyesight is all blurry. I feel sick, then again, maybe it's because of the sugar deprivation (I haven't had a coke in AGES!).

Im finding it hard to breathe, Like there is not enough oxygen in the room, and to make things worst, i got really irritating hiccups (also caused by lack of oxygen in the body).

My room is a mess, i haven't done laundry in weeks, and i'm getting really pale (paler if possible) because of the lack of direct sunlight.

To make things even worst, im gaining weight from the constant tapau-ing (cuz i don't have friends to eat with anymore, i usually tapau and eat alone in my room). I'm gaining so much weight, that i can't seem to fit into any of my jeans anymore without choking to death. I don't have any any pants to wear to class tomorrow.

I feel like i'm reaching a dead end. Haih.

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